Our Battle

With the forever growing pollution, the climate change, greenwashing and seeing politicians playing deaf, it is high time to do something.  

Our weapons?

Offering you a 100% waste-free bathroom.

Our battlefield?

The entire world, buddy!

(But we are going to start small… in Belgium ;-))

The situation

Our waste is everywhere. At the bottom of the oceans, on the mountains, on top of the trees, buried underground and even… inside whales. This pollution it took us one century to create will stay here for hundreds, even thousands of years for the most persistent waste. We have no will to play a part in this massive destruction. We want to fight it!

This is what a family of 4 consumes in one year on average:

doigt30 bottles of shower gel

doigt30 bottles of shampoo

doigt30 tubes of toothpaste

doigt30 jars of deodorant


It is estimated today that the weight of bathroom waste for a family of 4 amounts to 25 kg per year. Solid cosmetics (if the products are well formulated and packed in eco-packaging) reduce this number to… close to ZERO!

The best waste is the waste we do not produce!

Manufacturing an object, may be a future waste, itself generates… waste. About 10% only of the raw material used globally end up in finished products and 90% of these raw materials transform directly into waste.

Example :
1.5 kg of waste is needed to manufacture a plastic toothbrush and you can only imagine the tons of waste needed to make the millions of shower gel, shampoo… containers sold each year all over the world.

The hidden waste

Beware, it is not because a cosmetic is solid that it is zero-waste. In fact, the waste may be hidden in the ingredients of the cosmetic product itself (silicone, fragrances and synthetic colorants, polymers, sulphites… that end up in the groundwater tables and eventually in the oceans, threatening the entire ecosystem).

Some go as far as surfing the zero-waste wave. So, we need to be very patient and look at the ingredient lists (INCI) that are compulsory on the cosmetic products we buy. The ingredients in our products have been studied for months. We make sure that all the ingredients we have selected are 100% biodegradable.


We are committed to offering you a zero-waste alternative as nice as its traditional cousin. Because big manufacturers, let’s not kid ourselves, got us hooked on a certain level of comfort when it comes to textures and others and we do not want the non-initiated to feel that they are being held hostage and think they are going one step back on the ease of use, comfort, textures and application levels. We thus do out very best to offer efficient solid cosmetics that are pleasant to use.


Our packaging

Since we have to follow the European regulations on cosmetics, we have to comply with very strict rules. Rather than getting into trouble, we decided to offer our products in light cardboard packaging that is entirely compostable, thus 100% biodegradable.

Emballages zero dechet

Solid cosmetics… only for an alert elite?

Bulk shops are mushrooming just about everywhere in Belgium and we applaud this initiative. Awareness is growing and we are delighted. Our fight becomes your fight.

However, not everyone is aware of the alternative solutions to traditional cosmetics yet. We are regret that. This is why we are doing everything we can so that solid cosmetics be accessible to as many as possible. Because… one converted family = 25 kg a year worth of waste that will not be generated. So, don’t be surprised if you see us… everywhere!

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And then?

The road is still long and we still have plenty of ideas. We are going forward one step at a time, but thanks to you, and you are more and more supporting us, we know that we are going in the right direction. We challenge ourselves every single day and your satisfaction is important to us, but so is our environmental footprint. You make us move forward, day after day, and we cannot thank you enough for it.

Don’t forget: perfection doesn’t exist, but if we respect our values, we believe that we are getting closer and closer by the day!