The company

The company, the Wash Wash Cousin family

The Wash Wash Cousin brand started in 2017 in a yurt thanks to Christel Carlier’s efforts. At the beginning, Christel wanted to develop a range of zero-waste cosmetics for her family that would respect her children’s health.

Success quickly and in 2019, Christel and her brother Martin start their company, WWC Sprl, on the family property… Two years later, Wash Wash Cousin employs 9 people and we are planning on hiring 5 more in 2021 in order to meet the growing demand.

A new production laboratory, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified was built early 2020 and we will double the facilities in 2021.

What makes us unique

The company

The strength of our company is that we manage all the processes ourselves: formulation development, communication and product positioning, sales and export.

Formulation development
Selection of raw materials
Communication and product positioning
Sales and export
The products

Today, we offer a range of zero-waste cosmetics for the whole family renowned for their quality. We continuously add to our range:

  • Our company sustains a steady pace in the design and marketing of 4-5 new products per year.

  • A range for the hospitality industry is currently in the pipeline and we have a myriad of innovative projects for 2022!

  • We received the COSMOS, Artisanat Certifié and the Mention Slow Cosmétique certifications as proof of our know-how in the formulation of our products, their composition and our marketing model.


The teammates: a wealth of talent

Christel, the eldest daughter, is also involved in the project. Christel graduated in Public Relations, is an aromatologist and follows a continuous training on cosmetics chemistry. She manages the R&D (Research and Development) and communication departments.

Martin, the son, is the Sales Manager.

Valentine, the youngest, has a strong experience in the pharmaceutical field and vaccine production. She is our Production Manager.

Sarah is an aromatherapist and a nurse and is in charge of the numerous projects, including our training workshops and conferences.

Christian, the father, is an executive in the pharmaceuticals industry and has a long experience in exports, strategy and company creation.

Xavier, the son-in-law, is our invoicing, supplies and logistics coordinator.

Alexandra, Andrea and Vincent are production staff and also use their solid experience in pharmaceuticals and food production in their tasks.

Our ambition for 2021 is to widen our activities and look for long-term partners in Europe while preserving the Wash Wash Cousin values.


Christian Carlier