Not at all, that’s why we called it a foam😶

➡️For real?
No; it’s ultra foamy

➡️Do I need to use a shaving brush?

No, you don’t have to

➡️Yes but CAN I use a shaving brush?

Yes, you can use a shaving brush… or a cat, even a llama #youdecide

➡️Do you use a shaving brush, bro?

No, I don’t have one #apartmentlifebro#saywhat

➡️How do you use it?

Wet the bar and rub it on your skin: it will leave a fine layer of gentle foam yodel lalilou

*Will it make your eyes sting?

Yes. Don’t shave your eyes with it

*I’m a guy, should I use shaving foam for men #ornot? I’m a girl, should I use shaving foam for girls #ornot?

Apply the following rule: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. You can use one or the other, or both at the same time Apart from the fragrance, there’s no real difference.

*So why did you create two different foams then?

To respond to demand. Some people wanted a more ‘masculine’ fragrance. So we followed orders. And since we’re not a fan of that king of marketing, we decided to write #ornot on the packaging.