Workshops (in 2021)

As soon as the health conditions will allow it

Discover homemade cosmetics

Wash Wash Cousin is a cosmetics lab, but also workshops on saponification. If you don’t know what that is, you are welcome to watch this clean and precise presentation: here (rather listen to it full blast in your car).

« If you think that phenoxyethanol is a mint candy, that paraben is a phytophagic insect, that sulphites are extracts of some Indonesian wood, that wintergreen is some autoimmune disease and that the very idea to read an INCI* list makes you nauseous, you desperately need my knowledge and a bucket (or 2 drops of lemon essence – organic, of course). »

* International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingrédients

Cold saponification

Table of content

01- A bit of chemistry
02- Industrial soaps
03- Cold saponified soap
04- How to decipher labels
05- Caustic soda

06- Oils and fats
07- How to formulate
08- Add: fragrance, colour, texture
09- Glyphosate (just kiddiiiiiiing)
10- Formulation example

11- Formulation exercises
12-Safety instructions
13- Required equipment
14-Putting theory into practice: manufacture


Is it necessary to have some kind of basic knowledge to attend your workshop?
Nope. Just know that if you know about nuclear fission, it’s a bonus.

When is the next workshop?
The health situation does not allow us to run a workshop at the moment but we will keep you posted.

The price?
60 euros, all in.

Kids ok?
No. You see, we do chemistry and they won’t get it. Even worse, we work with caustic soda.

Practical informations

The workshops are held in the Wash Wash Cousin yurt at the lab’s premises in Saint-Denis-Bovesse. The workshop dates will be posted on the Facebook page, here.


I don’t do any make-up workshop but if you are looking for a nice tutorial, you’ll find one here.