General questions

Where can you find our products?

You can find our products directly on our online shop (click here) or at one of our many retailers (the list is here).

Do you test your products on animals?

No, of course not, never, not even once, really… NO NO NO.

What is the difference between a soap and a shampoo?

A cold saponified soap is the result of saponification: Fatty acids (present in the oils / fats) + Strong base (caustic soda) – Soap + glycerin + non-saponifiable products + non-saponified HV. So, we create what is called a surfactant in chemistry. (The molecule has two polarities: lipophile and hydrophile. This double polarity gives the soap its cleaning properties). Solid shampoo: We use a ready-made surfactant to which we add powders, butters and essential oils according to the purpose of the shampoo we want to make (dry or oily hair for example).

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